Doctorem, Honoris Causa (Dr. Hon) to Dr Tian Mong Ching

Dr Tian Mong Ching

Professor Sean P Rozario, ATU Regional Dean presented the award Doctorem, Honoris Causa (Dr. Hon) to Dr. Tian Mong Ching for his achievements in the field of Engineering.

Dr Tian founded Cast Lab Singapore & one of his many achievements was to acquire CPG Testing Laboratory in 2011 which was formally the testing lab for Public Works Department (PWD). PWD was under the Ministry of Law and National Development in Singapore then.  He is also a strong believer in volunteerism. He served in St John Ambulance since 1964 and is currently Director of ceremony for St John’s Ambulance Brigade and is Vice Chairman of St John Council.
Dr Tian Mong Ching 5
Congratulations To Dr Tian Mong Ching!

(The award ceremony was held at The Grand Hyatt Singapore in compliance of Covid-19 laws in Singapore with not more then 8 people)