Why you should complete an International degree rather than a U.S. degree

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International universities are a fraction of the cost of  U.S. universities.   If all colleges are of relatively equal quality (as evident through licensing and accreditation) and if you can not attend colleges similar to Harvard, then how much money are you willing to spend on tuition?  Most U.S. colleges cost a small fortune requiring years […]

Time to Complete

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Note: This is only an estimate on time and does not include any editing and corrections.  In addition, this assumes that you have set aside enough time to read the required readings Time to complete reviews: It is suggested that you complete 3 reviews a week.  All the reviews are listed on the tracking spreadsheet […]

Exemption & Charter

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Originally founded by government charter in Seychelles in 2005 and now affiliated with the Reconciliation Church of Science and Religion, a California not-for-profit organization, American Trinity University is a very affordable  university that is dynamic and successful. Trinity is a university with a growing reputation for quality learning and research.  ATU’s curricula are based on the Great Works […]