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Trinity Students Help Others too!

Several students get together during the Winter Break to deliver computers that were donated to the Downtown Women’s Center in Los Angeles, California. The computers were donated by Trinity College.



“Skid Row” in Los Angeles, California

We had a little rain on the way to the shelter, but this is normal in the winter time in Southern California.







We Have Arrived
We arrive at the Women’s Shelter in the area of L.A. known as “skid row.”
Unloading Begins
The work begins. We start to unload the PCs and networking equipment.






Getting The Rain Off The PCs
A little rain water landed on the equipment, but nothing was damaged.






Taking A Break
Taking a short break.






Working Hard
Still working hard.







Sleeping on Trip Home 2
It feels good to be heading back home!






Sleeping on Trip Home 1
The trip back is fast if you sleep most of the way home.

For more information on how you can help the Women’s Center

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