Alumnus – The Honorable Dr. Thierry Ange ELLA-ONDO

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Dr. Thierry Ange ELLA-ONDO is one of our distinguish graduates and we would like share his successes with you. In 2006, he was appointed Representative in Guinea-Bissau for the United Nations Organization for Food and Agriculture(FAO).  Since September 2011, he is FAO Representative in the Republic of Mali. Dr. Thierry Ange ELLA-ONDO is of Gabonese […]

Alumna – Jennifer Chacon, MBA, CEO Interview Part 2

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Jennifer Chacon, MBA, CEO Jennifer, thank you for agreeing to interview with us again. I know how busy you are running two businesses, so I will get right to it. The first question I have your is: When did you complete your MBA at Trinity College? I graduated on target in October 2005. What was […]

Original Interview while Jennifer Chacon was still attending Trinity

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Jennifer Chacon, Graduate and CEO

Jennifer Chacon is a dynamic, hands-on team leader with 20 years experience in enterprise SWOT analysis leading to the development and documentation of marketing strategies and plans, marketing and sales team development, and plan implementation and follow-up. Areas of special expertise are in technical and project management training, knowledge management systems, and process documentation. We […]