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Faculty Members

Tutor/Professor Yingqiong Gu, PhD
Dean, Graduate School
University of Notre Dame, Indiana, USA
10 years industry experience in computer science
3 years experience in financial risk analysis
4 publications in professional physics journals
Research topic: Theoretical Investigation of Tidal Waves in Nuclei

Tutor/Assistant Professor Judy Trapp, MA
Dean, Undergraduate School
John F. Kennedy University, USA
7 years industry experience, Bank of America
5 years social work experience
5 years teaching experience
Tutor/Professor Busari S. Akande, PhD, CMA, DFPFM, FCGA
Regional Dean, Nigeria and the Benin Republic
Founder of the Premier Islamic Institute of Accounting and Finance in Africa
Founder of Non Interest Banking Business School of Nigeria
Over 17 years experience in education and administration
Researcher, author, adviser, speaker and teacher

Tutor/Professor Jean Carlos Lima, PhD Post – Doctor
Regional Dean, Brazil
Doctor in Judicial Sciences
Doctor in TEFL
Academic director at Brazilian Mediation, Arbitration, Conciliation Institute – IBRAMAC
Vice President of Global Mediators
President of editorial committee of the PeaceMaker International Mediator, Arbitrator and Negotiator
22 years experience in mediation, arbitration and negotiation
18 years experience international law
25 official books on conflict mediation and negotiation
30 years teaching experience Founder of Guardian of Peace Program (Peer mediation)

Tutor/Professor D. L. Sanchu, ThD
Regional Dean, India
ThD from Cambridge University England, UK
Director General of IBC Cambridge, England UK
Gold Medallion Chancellor, University of the Great Commission of Christ under DIAM India
39 years in Church ministries
35 years in Synod administration service experience
36 years in literature publications ministries
20 books published in various international languages
20 years of PhD scholar mentoring at several universities in India
17 years Chancellor of the University of the Great Commission of Christ, India
15 years Chief Rector of University of Jerusalem

Professor Akpan Hogan Ekpo, FNES, PhD
Former Vice Chancellor of two universities, Dean, and Department Chair
University of Pittsburgh, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA
Howard University, Washington, D.C., USA
Northwestern University, Evanston, Illinois, USA
35 years teaching experience
20 years government experience
143 professional publications

Tutor/Professor B. James Carroll, JD
Southern Illinois University at Carbondale, USA
San Francisco Law School, USA
Stanford University, USA
20 years teaching experience
10 years education administration experience
20 professional publications

Tutor/Assistant Professor Dawn Carlson, MS
Registrar, Trinity College
California Baptist University, USA
Interned at Loma Linda Children’s Hospital University
7 years teaching experience
10 years industry experience, General Electric Investment Company

Tutor/Associate Professor Andrew W Cook, BA, PhD, Cert Ed, DPSI Dip Counseling
Trinity College, Seychelles
University of Central Lancashire, UK
United Churches Healing Ministry, Huddersfield, UK
27 years teaching, translation and interpreting experience
6 years counseling experience
20 years pastoral care experience
20 years experience of self employment
4 Amazon publications

Tutor/Assistant Professor Dai’Quiriya Martinez, MA
California State University, Dominguez Hills, USA
3 years experience teaching
9 years industry experience in adult care, childcare, and recreation support

Tutor/Professor Yemi D. Prince (Yemi D. Ogunyemi), PhD, PhD, DrLtr
Avadh University, India
Debrecen University
Clayton University
Founder/Secretary, Austro-Nigerian Society 22 years teaching experience
4 years news and correspondence experience
5 years government administrative experience
80+ publications (Professional and Literature/Poems)

Tutor/Associate Professor Josh Stewart, FRSM, FRSA, FLS, MBPsS
30 years teaching and research
Specialist Interest: Intertestamental Studies
Research Focus: Book of Job
Domain: Old Testament Wisdom Literature

Tutor/Associate Professor Samuel J. Yun, MA
U.C., Berkeley
Mission Christian University
Northeastern University
10 years Teaching/Tutor
3 years management experience
3 years leadership in community service

Tutor/Associate Professor: Yanni Zack, MA
United States International University
California State University, Northridge, California
10 years ESL and bi-lingual teaching experience
3 years online teaching experience
2 years labor negotiations experience
2 years teacher training experience