Admission Process

The application process is at no cost and the offer letter will include an offer of financial aid.  Please follow the directions contained within the application very carefully.

We do not discriminate based on race, religion, national origin, gender, or sexual preferences.

Application for Admission

A prospective student must complete the application for admissions.  This is obtained by contacting the Registrar.  See link below.

We now have a faster way!

Free Online Application

Apply from your phone.  Download our app:

Admission Requirements

A prospective student must be a high school graduate for any program that is at the bachelor degree or below.  A prospective student must have a bachelor degree to enroll in the master’s program.  A prospective student must have a master’s degree to enroll in the doctorate program.

In addition, a prospective student must demonstrate comprehension and communication skills by submitting a writing sample in English.  The sample will indicate the level of the successful implementation of an introduction, body, and conclusion using proper grammar.

Undergraduate:  A prospective student must receive a grade of 70% or better for admission.

Graduate:  A prospective student must receive a grade of 80% or better for admission.

Official Transcripts Required for Full Admission

In addition to submitting a written sample for grading, a successful applicant must establish proof of graduation from high school for undergraduate admissions and graduation from a college or university with a bachelor degree for admissions into the Masters program.  For those attempting admissions to the Doctorate program, proof of obtaining a masters degree is required.

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    1. Sorry, but you have made contact with the wrong univeristy. This is Trinity College, Seychelles and soon to be Trinity College, Belize.

  1. Am really intrested in this programe because i want to be part of the trinity family and also complite my BA corse this is the only thing i have to say for now am looking foward for my acceptance.

    1. Thank you for your interest in Trinity. I look forward to processing your application. Hopefully, we will see you in the Fall!

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