College of Fellows

Become a Partner and Champion of the Great Books

Letter from Dr. David Morton, Dean of the College of Fellows

Dear Colleagues,

The primary mission of the College of Fellows is to seek out and recommend individuals who meet the criteria and have earned the distinction of being honored as a Fellow. When Trinity College (ATU) established the College of Fellows in 1989, the idea was to pay tribute to those individuals who have made significant contributions to the advancement of literacy and the Great Books of the World. As a result, each year the College of Fellows adds to its roster some of the brightest and best practitioners and educators in academia.  Fellows are often recruited as Professor Tutors for the College when openings become available.  Approved individuals will be ranked as an Assistant Fellow, Associate Fellow, or Full Fellow.

Service and continuing leadership to the advancement of literacy and the Great Books of which all Fellows are proud to be a part has been the legacy of the College of Fellows since its inception. Around the world, Fellows serve as mentors, provide outreach services in teaching literacy and serve as leaders in supporting programs important to the College as well as contribute to the management of activities within the College of Fellows itself.

Qualifications are basically simple, you must:

1.  Have a Doctorate or PhD or a MA and 5 years academic experience.

2.  Have a great appreciation for the contributions of the Great Books and the importance of engaging in the Great Conversation

3.  Be willing to volunteer time in your local community to teach reading and to share your appreciation for the Great Books

For your pledge of support mentioned in item #3 above, we will send to your email address, a signed certificate showing your membership in the College of Fellows at Trinity College.

For an application please email the Registrar.  Please submit with the application your resume or C.V. with your application.  In addition, we encourage you to identify, nominate and motivate those individuals within your community who should be considered for the honor of membership in the College of Fellows.

We look forward to adding many new names to our roster of Fellows.


Dr. David Morton
College of Fellows
[email protected]
Phone: 06496001480