Dixie State University to host “An Evening with the Maya.” Dr. Strobell, ATU Graduate Speaker

Dixie State University to host “An Evening with the Maya.”

St. George, Utah – To educate the community and explore six ancient artifacts on loan from American Trinity University, Dan Strobell, a Community Education instructor, will be giving the presentation, “An Evening with the Maya,” at Dixie State University.

The event will be held in the Eccles Concert Hall at DSU on March 18. There will be eight featured pieces of Maya artifacts, with some dating as far back as 1700 B.C. Several of these pieces come from the Pacific littoral, that includes areas of Southern Mexico and Guatemala. There is no charge to attend, but there will be limited seating. Seats can be reserved before the event to assure a spot.

“These are exciting and very rare artifacts,” stated Strobell, “They demonstrate the artistic abilities and social structures that existed during the early Pre-Classic period in Mesoamerica.”

The presentation will explain where the artifacts originated, their intended purpose, and social significance. By the time it is over, attendees will have a greater appreciation for the ingenuity, artistic ability, and habitudes of the Maya people. The artifacts will be on display for anyone to see after the presentation at the Sears Museum in the Dolores Eccles Building at DSU till the end of April.

Strobell has been working for 22 years with the Maya people in Guatemala. His work in Guatemala includes building schools, improving cooking stoves, medical clinics, community sanitation, and potable water projects in remote Maya villages. In 2019 he completed his doctorate degree at American Trinity University in Maya Studies. He is currently the president of a nonprofit foundation for the improvement of Maya people in Guatemala

“It is actually very fortunate that we have the opportunity to host these artifacts here at Dixie State,” said Tyson Pulsipher, the Director of Community Education at DSU. “Without Dr. Strobell’s connection, we will likely not have this opportunity again.”

For more information or to reserve your seat, contact the Community Education office at 435-652-7675 or visit ce.dixie.edu.