Tuition & Transcripts

Amazingly Affordable


It is so simple for online students:

  • Tuition is set up on a subscription basis.
  • Make your starting payment of $100 and begin.
  • Make your monthly payments of $59 a month until you finish all courses.
  • Almost all books are available online at no cost to you.

For on-ground courses in California:

  • Tuition is set at $250 a semester credit hour.
  • Home-stay cost for international student is $750 a month which includes: a shared room, food (except lunch), and transportation to and from campus.

Tuition Refund Policy

It is so simple:

  • Stop making your monthly payments and you are dropped.
  • Agree to pay the $290 reentry fee and you are attending again.
  • If you do not make a payment for 4 months, you must reapply for admission.

Transcript Ordering

Email the registrar at first, then click here to make a payment.


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