Alumna – Jennifer Chacon, MBA, CEO Interview Part 2

Pic of Jennifer Chacon

Follow-Up Interview, January 2005

Jennifer Chacon, MBA, CEO

Jennifer, thank you for agreeing to interview with us again. I know how busy you are running two businesses, so I will get right to it. The first question I have your is:

When did you complete your MBA at Trinity College?

I graduated on target in October 2005.

What was the toughest part of the MBA program?

Final exams were pretty brutal. It is compulsory to focus, be energized, and consider your positions and how you are conveying those via the written word carefully.

What was your final overall Grade Point Average (GPA)?

4.0 GPA (This the highest GPA you can achieve at Trinity)

Did your Trinity College MBA help you with your career?

I added to my pedigree and immediately gained leveraged advantages to start two home-based businesses on top of my consulting practice. I felt empowered and ready to contribute massively upon successful completion of my MBA program with Trinity.

How are your businesses doing?

Both businesses are soaring! They are terrific franchise opportunities with tremendous residual earning power.

What are your web address?

Where can you be contacted?

[email protected]

Would you like to add anything?

I believe success rests on a positive attitude generating motivation and confidence. I would add that when I choose to pursue my PhD, Trinity College will be my first choice.

Jennifer is an incredibly talented manager and student. We were lucky to have her here at Trinity College. If you are of this quality, we invite you to join us too.

Thank you Jennifer for you time and honesty in answering our questions.

The Trinity College Staff