Alumna – Jennifer Chacon Interview Part 1

Pic of Jennifer Chacon

Original Interview while Jennifer Chacon was still attending Trinity

Jennifer Chacon is a dynamic, hands-on team leader with 20 years experience in enterprise SWOT analysis leading to the development and documentation of marketing strategies and plans, marketing and sales team development, and plan implementation and follow-up. Areas of special expertise are in technical and project management training, knowledge management systems, and process documentation.

We asked Jennifer a series of questions during our interview and here are the highlights of that communication:

What lead you to Trinity College?

I have been active in the online learning space for several years, most notably with ACT’s national distribution network. Implementing learning management systems training and development and adapting instructor led training for online has helped her understand what makes an efficient e-learning program. Trinity College has terrific program offerings, industrious, suitable, demanding yet well thought out to help create and add value to a person’s portfolio.

Why did you select the MBA in Econ program?

I have worked human behavior challenges for most of my career. I was seeking balance through an increased level of knowledge of quantitative approaches to augment work with QA measures.

How long have you been in the program and how much longer will it take for you complete the program?

I officially commenced the program in March 2005 and will be finished by the end of October 2005.

Did you find the readings and the papers difficult to do?

The readings at times were arduous however, the nice layout of the curriculum allowed for a gentle knowledge building that eased the rate of absorption. The papers reinforced true attainment and posing essay questions forced logic and adaptation to what is going on today.

Did you find it difficult to obtain approval of your Level Exam questions?

Actually, posing two to three questions facilitated this effort and again, really thinking it through ensured knowledge was occurring and being applied effectively.

What business are you in?

I am in the field of general management and consulting in the knowledge management space.

Is there a website were we can learn more information about your company?

I am currently building the Accelerandus site and it will not be functional for a little while.