Bachelor of Science and Religion (B.Sc.R.)

Bachelor of Science and Religion (B.Sc.R.)

The Bachelor Science and Religion (B.Sc.R.) major aims to provide a rich educational experience through coursework in a broad range of disciplines. With the use of the Great Books of the World, the student is guaranteed a breadth of knowledge, as well as depth in the commitment to identifying absolute truths in the search for God.  The broad-based, interdisciplinary nature of this curriculum provides a knowledge-base and the communication and analytical skills appropriate to living a full life dedicated to the search for God. If desired, after completing this program you may request to be ordained as an Assistant Dean in the Reconciliation of Science and Religion Organization.

Emphasis Program Options

Estimated Time to Complete 

Student Learning Outcomes

Students graduating with a Bachelor of Science and Religion (B.Sc.R.) program should:

  1. Demonstrate the ability to identify truths while engaging in the great debate over the existence of God
  2. Demonstrate the ability to apply logic and acknowledge the limitations in the search for truths.
  3. Contribute to the knowledge-base of truth by challenging or adding to the content.
  4. Demonstrate articulate communication (written and oral) skills
  5. Practice independent thinking tempered by respect for others and the
    environment; to become an informed, responsible, active citizen, and lead others to the search for God.

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Required Courses 

Undergraduate Level 1 

BRE101 Bucolic Readings in Critical Thinking and Writing (3 Semester Credit Hours)
BRE 102 Bucolic Readings in Intermediate Composition and Critical Thinking (3 Semester Credit Hours)
BRP 102 Bucolic Readings in Introduction to Philosophy (3 Semester Credit Hours)
BRG 101 Bucolic Readings in Introduction to U.S. Government (3 Semester Credit Hours)
BRP 101 Bucolic Readings in Introduction to Psychology (3 Semester Credit Hours)
BRW 101 Bucolic Readings in World Civilization I (3 Semester Credit Hours)
BRW 102 Bucolic Readings in World Civilization II (3 Semester Credit Hours)
BRH 101 Bucolic Readings in History and Literature of the Old Testament (3 Semester Credit Hours)
BRH 201 Bucolic Readings in History and Literature of the New Testament (3 Semester Credit Hours)
ITS 101 Identifying Truth in the Search for God in Science (3 Credit Hours)

Undergraduate Level 2

RGH 201 Reconciling God and the Humanities (10 Credit Hours) ***
RGM 201 Reconciling God and Mathematics (5 Credit Hours) ***
RGS 201 Reconciling God and Science (10 Credit Hours) ***
PHL 201 Philosophy and the Search for God II (10 Credit Hours)
THE 201 Theology II (10 Credit Hours) ***

Undergraduate Level 3

ATH 301 Absolute Truth in Humanities (10 Credit Hours)
ATM 301 Absolute Truth in Mathematics (10 Credit Hours)
ATS 301 Absolute Truth in Science (10 Credit Hours)
PHL 301 Philosophy and the Search for God III (10 Credit Hours)
THE 301 Theology III (3 Credit Hours)
THE 351 Identifying and Contributing to the Truth Knowledge-Base (2 Credit Hours)

Required to Graduate: 120 semester credit hours

*** Students who meet the necessary years of life and professional experience may substitute essays based on that experience as substitution for these courses.  The essays will be developed by Trinity College, graded, and the score assigned as a final grade for the course. For more information, see the policy regarding life experience limitation and criteria.