Time to Complete


This is only an estimate on time and does not include any editing and corrections.  In addition, this assumes that you have set aside enough time to read the required readings

Time to complete reviews:

It is suggested that you complete 3 reviews a week.  All the reviews are listed on the tracking spreadsheet that will be sent to you. To figure out how long it will take, simply take the number of reviews listed in the spreadsheet and divide that by the number 3 and then double the time due to the varying sizes of books and articles.   (Remember, you can submit more or less than 3 reviews a week.  This is only a suggestion.)

Doctorate students will submit approximately 60 reviews – 60 / 3 a week = 20 weeks — 20 weeks / 4.333 weeks in a month = 8 months to 10 months.  The dissertation time will vary depending upon the student.

Masters students will read approximately 66 reviews – 66 / 3 a week = 22 weeks — 22 weeks / 4.333 weeks in a month = 5 months to 10 months.

Bachelor students will read approximately 148 reviews – 148 / 3 a week = 49 weeks — 49 weeks / 4.333 weeks in a month = 11 months to 22 months.

Formal online course time with Coursera.org:

Add in an additional 4 months for required online courses take at www.coursera.org.

Maximum time to complete:

If you need more time — relax, you have 10 years to complete.  Please do not try to do this, but emergencies do happen!