Master of Benefice Administration / Master of Administration in Religious Organization

pic_2_1Trinity offers a Master of Administration in Religious Organizations (M.A.) or if you like, the same degree with the title, Master of Benefice Administration.  “Benefice” meaning the revenue generating operations of a religious organization.


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Master of Benefice Administration (M.B.A.)


Master of Administration in Religious Organization (M.A.)

Program Description

The Master of Benefice Administration (M.B.A.) or the Master of Administration in Religious Organizations (M.A.) provides training in business for students interested in understanding the working nature of the not-for-profits and the use of technology in a competitive environment.  Courses in the program integrate information and theories from various disciplines, including technology management, accounting, economics, finance, marketing, production operations, and strategic management. The objective of this program is to develop students into broadly educated business managers and executives who understand the nature of business as a whole, with the tools and techniques applicable to a wide variety of business situations. In addition, graduates my accept ordination as an Associate Dean in the Reconciliation of Science and Religion Organization.

Emphasis Program Options

Estimated Time to Complete 

Student Learning Outcomes

Graduating students will be able to:

  1. Work effectively in teams
  2. Sell their ideas
  3. Apply theory to understand real practical situations
  4. Think “outside the box” and develop novel solutions
  5. Integrate the functional department issues into a coherent strategic whole
  6. Analyze and synthesize problems

Graduating students will be knowledgeable about:

  1. Current international and global issues
  2. Ethical and diversity issues
  3. Current technology and environmental issues
  4. Leading change in an organization
  5. Current management trends

Required Courses

Graduate Level 5

ROM 501 Project Management in Not-for-Profit Settings (3 Credit Hours)
ROA 504 Not-for-Profit Financial Accounting (3 Credit Hours) ***
ROM 502 Technology Management for Not-for-Profit Operations (3 Credit Hours)
ROE 504 Micro Economics & Its Effects (3 Credit Hours) ***
ROE 505 Macro Economics & Its Effect (3 Credit Hours) ***
ROE 510 Economic & Political Theory (6 Credit Hours) ***
ROM 504 Organizational Behavior & H.R. Management for Not-for-Profit (6 Credit Hours)
ROM 506 Management Science & Not-for-Profit Applications (6 Credit Hours)

Graduate Level 6

ROE 640 Global & Domestic Business Environment for Not-for-Profits (6 Credit Hours)
ROM 660 Global NGO Management (6 Credit Hours)
ROM 640 Applied Statistics for Not-for-Profits (3 Credit Hours)
PHL 680 Readings in International Culture I (6 Credit Hours)
PHL 690 Readings in International Culture II (6 Credit Hours)

Required to Graduate: 60 semester credit hours

*** Students who meet the necessary years of life and professional experience may substitute essays based on that experience as substitution for these courses.  For more information, see the policy regarding life experience limitation and criteria found in this catalog or request it directly from the registrar.


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