Great Books of the Western Tradition

Claude Louis Berthollet

Most of the curricula at Trinity College are based on reading the greatest works ever written.  Traditional Great-Books colleges offer a broad-based liberal arts education with curricula centered on reading and discussing the books and articles that have been most significant in the formation of our society. Taken together, this constitutes the Great Conversation. Trinity College emphasizes the exploration of the purpose for our existence.

Studying the writings of the foremost thinkers gives students the opportunity to examine different perspectives on these questions. Instead of learning from secondary sources like textbooks and instructors, students learn from the great thinkers.  Unlike traditional Great-Books colleges, Trinity allows students to do this in the high-technology environment of the Internet. Even those students majoring in the computer science and MBA program will be exposed to this process of learning in addition to their more traditional online courses that are required in the programs.



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