Freedom to Learn Found in Religious Universities – CA SB 1146

Wow.   I never thought I would see the day when the pendulum would swing all the way back to Plymouth Rock.   Let’s face it, U.S. governments are slowly controlling the flow of tuition money so that only state colleges and those majoring in the STEM subjects will receive funding.  This of course creates morally neutral scientists, educators, and military personnel ready to do the bidding of the new “super-sized” U.S. and State Governments.

Now it looks like California is going to help the feds achieve their goals.  Senate Bill 1146 is looking for the lower house’s approval.  Among other things, this bill will govern who can use bathrooms at religious liberal arts colleges and universities.

REF: http://www.foxnews.com/opinion/2016/08/10/california-bill-sb-1146-threatens-minorities-and-poor.html

The US Constitution was designed to keep the government out of religion.  However, if you take even a single dollar of support from a government agency (even the Dept of Education now has an armed militia) and now they own you.  They can interfere in everything you do because only they know what is best for you.  From where you live, to the bathrooms you can use, to what you eat while attending school.

So, as it was with the founding tenants of the U.S., it has become so again.  Religious people running away from governments that know best.  Their control is in the cost to attend college.  You need the government because the cost of attending college is so high.

But not at ATU . . .

ATU is where you can think freely, even from the opinions of your own professors.  You will learn from the greatest minds of all time and from all corners of the globe.   All this at an extremely affordable tuition rate and  99% of the books are free.

Come and think for yourself.  Be free again.