Dr. Josh Stewart’s Appointment – College of Fellows

American Trinity University is once again accepting applications to the College of Fellows.

Dr. David J Morton, Dean of the College of Fellows at American Trinity University, has announced the appointment of Josh Stewart, FRSM, FRSA, FLS, MBPsS, to the College as a Full Fellow.

Dr. Stewart, is a graduate of the London School of Economics, the University of Sussex, University College London and Brighton University. He is a teacher of long-standing who has worked with young people, overseas students learning English as a second language, and recovering addicts seeking to move forward in life.

Dr. Stewart, a resident of London, England, has also worked as a volunteer bereavement counselor and in this capacity has lectured to numerous professional organizations on the theme of loss, grief and trauma. He is currently engaged in researching various aspects of the Book of Job from the Wisdom Literature of the Old Testament. These include literary, philosophical, psychological, medical, anthropological and spiritual.