Doctor, Honoris Causa (Dr.Hon.) Awarded to Dr. Arvin Isnandar Miracelova

Picture of Dr. Arvin Isnandar MiracelovaThe Board of Trustees of American Trinity University, awards the Doctorem, Honoris Causa, to the distinguished cinematography and film production expert, Dr. Arvin Isnandar Miracelova, for continuing efforts in his commitment to the reconciliation of science and religion and to nationwide mass media and community development.

Dr. Arvin Isnandar Miracelova graduated with a D5 level degree from Universitas Airlangga. Level D3 is the equivalent of a bachelor degree in the United States of America.

Dr. Arvin Isnandar Miracelova has accomplished much in his professional career.  His many achievements include being the Director of Military TV and Satellite, CEO of the Indonesian Military Broadcast, and CEO/Founder of the Baliwood Land in Bali which screens content of community, ecosystem, and cross-cultural productions. In addition, Dr. Arvin Isnandar Miracelova is the Founder of the Smart Content Camp in remote areas presented by the Indonesian Army.

As part of Dr. Arvin Isnandar Miracelova philanthropic ventures, he is the Chairman of the Miracelova Screen Institute. This provides communities and schools with content education. He has been the Director of the Festival Film Nusantara which is the biggest nation film festival in Indonesia. Dr. Arvin Isnandar Miracelova founded the Indonesia World Broadcast Council and was the Chairman of the School Defence Media.

Dr. Arvin Isnandar Miracelova’s personal awards include:

1st Winner of the International Screen Category, British Council Award & Nokia, 2011
Rising Star FEB Alumni Award from Airlangga University, 2015