Doctorem, honoris causa (Dr.Hon.)

ico2Doctorem, honoris causa (Dr.Hon.),  for lifetime achievement and a commitment to a advancing the reconciliation of science and religion.


If you are 45 + years of age (an exception may be requested in exceptional situations), you may be qualified to receive an honorary doctorate degree.


  1. Submit all required material
  2. At this time, the material is presented to the Board of Trusteesfor review and approval.  (Allow up to one month for a response.)
  3. Upon approval by the board and a donation of $450.00 or more to the college, you will receive the following:
    • A Diploma showing your Dr.Hon.
    • An Official Letter stating your accomplishments that will serve as your transcript
    • Free Continuous Verification Services for official inq uiries to your status
    • The right to add Dr.Hon. to the back of your name


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Doctorem, honoris causa (Dr.Hon.)