Earn your Diaconal Studies Diploma (D.S.D.) and Ordination – 10 Minutes!

Diaconal Studies Diploma (D.S.D.)

Complete the entire process below in 10 minutes, add D.S.D. behind your name, and start earning money performing weddings.

Step 1:  Complete the basic information.

Step 2: Complete the quick course.

Step 3: Pay $15.00 using your credit card.  (Other options are available.)

Step 4:  You will receive your Diploma and Ordination Card via email with 24 hours.


Program Description

The Diaconal Studies Diploma (D.S.D.) is a non-credit, non-degree program. Students must complete the following course and requirements. All steps must be completed in order to obtain the diploma. Obtainment of the D.S.D. is required for ordination as a Deacon of the Reconciliation of Science and Religion Organization.

Course Content

DSD 101 Conducting Weddings

This course is focused on the student’s initial journey into the search for truth and God. The focus is on the content of what the student will include in their ceremony for performing weddings.

Course Content and Outline

This is a pass/fail course.

You must successfully complete the following steps to obtain the diploma:

  • Email your name, address, and phone number to the Registrar saying you are going to complete the requirement for the Diploma of Diaconal Studies. You must receive an email back from the Registrar indicating that you are registered for the diploma program.  [email protected]
  • We are dedicated to finding Absolute Truths in the search for God. You must take the oath acknowledging your commitment to this mission and your new Supplemental Religious Organization. To do this, you must type, print, sign, scan, and email or fax the oath to the registrar.  You will need to send a scanned photo of your driver’s license or other form of ID that will clearly show your picture and your signature for verification purposes. The Oath: https://trinitycollege.edu.sc/oath-for-ordination/
  • You must research and submit your wedding script for approval. To receive your diploma you must have received an email back from the Registrar indicating that your script is approved.
  • You must research and submit the requirements within your country, state or local government agency (usually, the county where you reside) that you must provide for recognition as an ordained minister to officiate at weddings. You will received an email back from the Registrar indicating that we willing to work with you to provide the needed documents or that we agree that no documents must be filed with the appropriate agency.  At that time, the necessary documents will be sent to you for filing, if needed.
  • Once you have filed the necessary documents (if any are needed) with your local agency, a Diploma will be issued to you. To receive your diploma you must have received an email back from the Registrar indicating that you have received proof that you are registered or that you do not need to be registered.

We will mail you your deacon diploma and ordination after the following fee is paid:

  • $15 dollars for the Diploma that will be scanned and emailed to you.
  • $35 dollars for the Diploma to be mailed to your home address.
  • $55 for costs in mailing any necessary materials to the recognizing agency, if any.

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