Professor Fedor I. Poddubnij, Nobel Nominee

Fedor Poddubnij

Professor Poddubnij was born in 1930 in the village of Zavetnoe, located in the Rostov area of the Russian Federal Republic (USSR).  He completed is  mandatory education at the Ryazan Pedagogivcal School.  Professor Poddubnij went on to defend is diploma at the prestigious USSR Institute of Management with a specialty in Management.  He would go on to earn is Doctorate in Economics.

With the challenges faced with the break-up of the USSR, Professor Poddubnij became a leader in educating the new managers that were building the Ukrainian economy.  He built the “Harvard” of the Ukraine called the International Institute of management.   If you were “someone” in the new economy, you were trained in the ways that Professor Poddubnij and his dedicated colleagues.

Notoriety and fame was growing and it drew too much attention from jealous government officials and publicly supported university staff members.  Professor Poddubnij faced un-surmounting pressure and incarceration.  Eventually he was forced to close his institute.

Recently Professor Poddubnij experienced life-threatening illness, but now he is back and ready to keep up the cause he dedicated his life’s work to, providing liberating management practices that can only build a better Commonwealths of Independent States (CIS).

He is now working with our Dean, Alexander Demidovich, Director of the Oil and Gas Institute, Trinity College.

We are proud to have him among the faculty here at Trinity College.